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Mardi Gras Clay Casino Chips V.2b

Expanded Images

Mardi Gras Clay Casino Chips V.2b

Expanded Images

Mardi Gras Clay Casino Chips V.2b

Expanded Images

Mardi Gras Clay Casino Chips V.2b

Mardi Gras Casino Chips (v.2b)

When you think New Orleans, what comes to mind? The "Mighty" Mississippi?, River Boat Gambling?, Mardi Gras?! HoldemPokerChips is proud to introduce the Mardi Gras Casino Authentic Clay Poker Chips! We have commissioned a top Casino chip manufacturer to produce these 100% clay chips to similar specifications they use for the casino's they service. What could be closer to the home of Poker then New Orleans, Mardi Gras, and True Clay Casino chips?!

  Product Specifications

Blue Chip

Composition Clay
Mold "T" Mold
Chip Size

 39½ mm

Edge Spot Type Varies
Inlay Size 1 3/8"
Weight (ave.) 9 grams
Designed by John Faulhaber

This set of chips is the completion of a project that began over three years ago. You may have seen the "v.2a" offered in very limited sets on our site. Those were a "prototype" offer of 2700 total chips with "test" inlays that we were not 100% certain would withstand the usual wear and tear of daily use. This new set (v.2b) is the standard Blue Chip Company product with the inlays everyone has become to know and love. The colors are awesome, the inlays are fantastic and as good as they get when it come to durability, and they stack "like bricks". In our opinion, the quality rivals our best selling set, The Samurai's!    

If you are considering a clay chip purchase please read this first---> Clay Chips 

Please Note the Picture on the Left

In the manufacturing process of these chips most all of the 8 spot chips have a "split spot" appearance. This has affected most all of the $1's and $500's in this chip line. There is no issue with the quality of these chips, only a cosmetic look where the spots were "split" with the base color. If you are ordering these chips expect most if not all to have this appearance to them. This effect could also appear on other chips but we have not seen them yet. These are the chips this set has and there is no choice but to pass if this may bother you. This is a situation that happens in the manufacturing process not only to these chips but others including chips in casinos. We do not exchange or refund in this circumstance 

Ordering Tip!

When placing your order, be sure that the total number of chips you place in the box next to the "Buy" button equals the total of the all the boxes next to the individual chip selections. Our cart will bill the amount in the "Buy" button box.


"Only Price": $1.29


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by Adrian T Larson Date Added: 7/21/2011 11:07:14 AM
These chips by Holdem Poker Chips are fantastic! This is one great looking chip. Theme & Inlays: The 800 pound gorilla and letís take it head on. Unlike their cousins, The Speakeasy, The Samuraiís, this is where the chip heart is and its where you going to love or hate it. Full disclosure on my part, I donít have a connection to New Orleans and as a theme I wouldnít pick. And to be honest I donít really care for the theme that much. I have a set of The Speakeasyís and some Samuraiís, both are classy themes and I love them. Still, I must admit that the Mardi Gras theme is PERFECT. The large inlays and color coordination is just spot on. John Faulhaber, the designer, cleaned the house, the Casino and the town in one bet. I had two choices, finally get a full set of Samuraiís which I love and desperately want or Mardi Gras. Iíll never regret my choice. The Samuraiís can wait. The rest: Yes itís true, they stack like bricks. Better than the Samuraiís? MaybeÖ If you donít like perfect color coordination with both Inlays and Edge Spots, look somewhere else. Because itís a beautiful work of art to look at. Blue Chip Company; sadly dead to the retail market, itís still kicking out a great poker chip via HPC. Sold chip, sharp edges, crisp colors and high quality manufacturing produce a great poker chip. You cannot go wrong purchasing a set of The Mardi Gras. The Con: The interlocking ďTĒ mold. Itís not the main attraction on the Mardi Gras. But itís a testament to a great mold in that it can work for multiple chip themes. Even if it just a functional mold on the Mardi Gras. New comers to the clay poker chip addiction or diehards in chip detox looking for a chip fix, picking up a set (I order 380) of these Mardi Gras should please both for years. Adrian Larson

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
by Jason Poland Date Added: 12/21/2010 9:53:04 AM
You will not be disappointed with these chips. I have the original Mardi Gras Clay and these are the new and improved version. The inlay colors match extremely well with the chips. They are a little bit larger circumference than the original chips but the weight feels the same. The text is much easier to read on these compared to previous production versions. All the chips are flat and can stack about a mile high. Thanks for continuing to develop this chip line.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]
by Dennis Monjure Date Added: 12/11/2010 9:09:09 PM
All I can say is ... WOW!!! Quality, Quality, Quality. These are absolutely gorgeous chips. I had a set of the original Mardi Gras clays and they were great chips. These blow those away. The giant inlay really puts the grapics UP FRONT. The edge spot combos are SO SO good. In case you hadn't noticed, that 25Ę chip is a quarter pie! Colors are not your standard denom/color set. I believe they are "cali" colors. The quality of these chips is EXCELLENT. The inlay feels like part of the chip and is textured, giving a seamless feel across the chip face. The color coordination for base/spots/inlays is beautifully done. If I could afford a FULL set of these beauties - It would be the LAST set of chips I'd ever own. My recommendation: BUY THESE CHIPS! Great service from HoldemPokerChips and Congratulations on a job well done!

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]


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